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ligent detect●ing systems●."We must stick 〓to independent rese■arch and devel■opment, building ou●r own talent ■pool and R&D● team, as w■ell as masteri■ng core techn●ology," Dong sai〓d. "Only in t●his way can w■e lead the i■ndustry and th●e world."That's w◆hat we're doing ●for Made in ●China 2025," s〓he said, referr●ing to the 〓national plan ●to upgrade Chines〓e manufacturing. "Th〓at's our responsibi●lity right now."○The indu

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st◆rial robots 〓covered by the c■ompany's intell〓ectual property rig■hts have b〓een applied in weldi◆ng, sprayin●g and transportati■on, greatly enhanci○ng productivity and ●reduces labor co〓sts, she said.〓In an earl■ier intervi●ew, she said he●r company would ●concentrate on ro○bots and pr●ecision machine t◆ools as part of ef〓forts to upgrade an●d transform C○hinese manufactur●ing, as well as p●roviding entir●ely self-dev○eloped